Forms & More At Your Fingertips.

Chair & Co-Chair Committee Openings ! Act Now for 2019/2020! 

Now is the time to jump in and be involved as we gear up for the exciting events taking place in the 2019/2020 school year! Some very important committee leaders are "graduating" out of their roles so get involved now & learn from the best!

Make a positive difference today in any of the following committees with vacancies ...  

  • ​Outdoor Classroom
  • Fundraising
  • Family Fun
  • ​Dine Out Nights

Read our Committee Descriptions and join us today! 

Important Forms At Your Fingertips...

In order to volunteer at any school within the Spring-Ford School District all necessary clearances must be obtained

at least 2-weeks prior to an event.  

Volunteer With Us!

There are many educational, personal, and social benefits associated with getting involved with your children at school!  

Meet other people* Meet our fabulous teachers* Learn something new * Develop personally and professionally* Make a difference in people's lives * 

Limerick Elementary School Home & School League