Limerick Elementary School Home & School League

The Outdoor Classroom

The Outdoor Classroom is an area in the courtyard where staff can take students to enjoy nature, fulfill lessons, or just relax to read a book in quiet space.   This peaceful space boasts a pond, paved learning area, a greenhouse made of plastic bottles, two sandbox tables, and a wonderful insect garden.  One of our upcoming projects is to build a Sensory Garden dedicated to the memory of a former student, Jack Rowley.  To enhance the beauty and function of the Outdoor Classroom further,  we hope to rebuild the water damaged raised planting beds and install new pond equipment to improve its efficiency and overall aesthetics.

The Outdoor Classroom's Annual Sponsored Events:  

  • Staff Raffle: students can win prizes donated by LES staff members.   ​
  • Spring Fling & Butterfly Release 

How Can You Help? 

All the above sponsored events use the money generated to maintain the fantastic projects and property of the Outdoor Classroom. This space can only thrive and continue to support our students with the help of VOLUNTEERS like you.  Volunteers, both students and parents, dedicate time to help with our annual events, weeding the Outdoor Classroom grounds, cleaning the pond, and planting diverse vegetation.

Ready to make a difference starting today?

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